Suga Bomb und Solo Jazz mit Trisha Sewell

Wir haben wieder Trisha Sewell aus England nach Wien eingeladen!
Sie bietet uns am Wochenende von 22. bis 24. November Solo Jazz und ihre Suga Bomb Workshops an.
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Freitag, 22. November 2019

19:00-21:15 – Rhythmic Variations & Musicality in Jazz
All levels
For leads and follows

Musicality is being at one with the music whilst dancing, learn how to make the music work for you so that you mesh deeply with the music, connect with your emotions and dance with ease and finesse. Rhythmic variations add spice, create fun, and look great. This is a solo dance class for all levels and open to both leads and follows.

Samstag, 23. November 2019

For Followers starting from Beginner/Intermediate (= have been dancing for at least 6 mo.)
This day booked as block only, fundamentals of following (4 hours)

11:30–13:45 Suga Bomb Suga Bomb Core Skills Part I

14:45–17:00 Suga Bomb Suga Bomb Core Skills Part II

This intensive core follow skills day is about acquiring and perfecting essential follower skills such as how to optimize your connection and improve posture and balance. Add in some eye-catching variations and sassy switches and swivels and you will have more fun than ever on the dance floor.

Sonntag, 24. November 2019

Für Follower ab Lindy Hop Intermediate / Advanced

11:30–13:45 – No More Freaking Out
Do you freeze or freak out when you lose connection with your partner or they point spontaneously at you to do something in the music? Worry no more, this workshop gives you some handy tips and choreographed movement that will make you able to cope and be more comfortable about being put on the spot. 

14:45–17:00 – Unapologetically Yourself
This class will provide some essential components of dancing dynamically and creatively with ease. This class is the perfect platform to begin assimilating the above concepts. Drills and techniques will help you to develop an awareness of your own personal styling and movement. Come prepared to step outside your comfort zone and take your dancing to a new level of authenticity!

What is Suga Bomb?

Suga Bomb aims to raise confidence, show how followers can practice on their own and to teach followers stylish variations. Develop your individual personality and become an amazing follower – Suga Bomb is made to make all followers feel fabulous and confident about their dancing!

Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf Follower Styling, aber es sind natürlich auch Leader, die ihre Jazz Moves aufpeppen wollen, herzlich willkommen.

Ab 6 Stunden kannst du einen günstigeren Preis in Anspruch nehmen, überweise uns dann einfach den entsprechenden Betrag:
2 Stunden (= 1 Einheit) – 35 €
4 Stunden – 70 €
6 Stunden – 98 € (statt 105)
8 Stunden – 128 € (statt 140)

Jede 2h15 Einheit hat eine Pause von 15 Minuten in der Mitte.

Anmeldung zu allen Einheiten:
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Zahlung auf das Vereinskonto.
Zahlungseingang bis spätestens 6 Tage nach Bestätigung des Kursplatzes, aber jedenfalls vor Start des Workshops.
Solltest du den Workshop doch nicht machen können, melde dich bei uns (siehe Stornobedingungen).

Kursort: SLIH Ballroom, Sechshauserstraße 9, 15. Bezirk, Wien

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