Suga Bomb Styling Workshops mit Trisha Sewell

Wir haben wieder Trisha Sewell aus England nach Wien eingeladen! Sie wird uns von 10. bis 12. November 2017 in ihren Suga Bomb Workshops fabelhaften Style beibringen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf Follower Styling, aber es sind natürlich auch Leader, die ihre Jazz Moves aufpeppen wollen, herzlich willkommen.

Anmeldung ohne Partner!

What is Suga Bomb?

Suga Bomb aims to raise confidence, show how followers can practice on their own and to teach followers stylish variations. Develop your individual personality and become an amazing follower – Suga Bomb is made to make all followers feel fabulous and confident about their dancing!

1 Einheit à 2 Std. kostet 35 €.
Wenn du mehrere Einheiten buchst, kannst du den Package Preis für dich in Anspruch nehmen:

Package    2 Einheiten Suga Bomb            65 €
Package    3 Einheiten Suga Bomb            95 €
Package    4 Einheiten Suga Bomb            125 €
Package    5 Einheiten Suga Bomb            150 €

Auf das Vereinskonto.
Zahlungseingang bis spätestens 6 Tage nach Bestätigung des Kursplatzes sonst verfällt automatisch die Anmeldung! Aber jedenfalls vor Start des Workshops, siehe Stornobedinungen.

SLIH Ballroom, Sechshauserstraße 9, 15. Bezirk, Wien (Karte).
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Anmeldung zu allen Einheiten:

Freitag 10. November 2017

Suga Bomb – Einsteiger – empfohlen für Klasse 1 und 2
35 € für 2 Std.

If you’ve just started your Swing dance journey, then this is the workshop for you! You have been to a few classes and have learnt the fundamental 8 count basic footwork as well as know and have seen the ‘Swing out’. You want to start adding some flair and style to your dancing as your main aim is to start looking like a real Lindy Hopper as well as have the confidence to go with it.

In this session you will learn one of the most distinctive style points and key feature within our dance and one that ALL followers should know; the ‘Swivel’. You will gain an understanding of the technique involved, body movement required and drills to practice at home on your own! You will also understand how to integrate them into your Swing outs and make them feel ‘Swinglicious’ without the need for a partner.

Samstag 11. November 2017

11:00 – 13:15
Suga Bomb – Core Skills – empfohlen für Klasse 2 und 3        

35 €  für 2 Std.

You have at least 6 months swing dance experience and have been attending classes and social dances regularly. You are comfortable with 8 and 6 count rhythms. You are working to improve your following skills by being able to understand how to respond and react better to your leader. In this session you will be introduced to the different types of signals and connections that will optimise your partnered dancing experience.

14:15 – 16:30  
Suga Bomb – Core Skills – empfohlen für Klasse 4 bis 6
35 €  für 2 Std.

You have been dancing Lindy Hop for 18 months or more and have a solid understanding of single, double and triple time rhythms and you can dance them comfortably. Now you want a deeper understanding of how it feels to have that ‘perfect’ connection. In this session you will learn to change and adapt your movement pattern and footwork to every lead you dance with and make it work on every kinaesthetic level.

Sonntag 12. November 2017

11:00 – 13:15
Suga Bomb – Discovery – empfohlen für Klasse 2 bis 4
€  für 2 Std.

You want to discover how to make ‘movement’ unique to you. You will learn the key styling elements that every follower  should be able to perfect in one’s dance.  In this class you will work on adding finesse and variations to the way you look so, that your aesthetics match well with how you think you feel. We mustn’t forget that you need to have ‘Elegant arms’ to deliver the full package!

14:15 – 16:30
Suga Bomb – Discovery – empfohlen für Klasse 3 bis 6
35 € für 2 Std.

You have taken solo Jazz classes and have a basic knowledge of the core steps. You are now looking to discover what else you can bring to your dancing to take it to a new level of awesomeness and creativity. This is time to start believing you can bring your personality into how you move and as a result you become more musical and innovative in what you do. This session show you how to do this step by step.