Lindy Hop Workshops mit Agustina Zero & Maxi Prado – April 2018

We are honoured to have two of the best dancers from Latin America here in Vienna on 21st and 22nd of April 2018.

Coming all the way from Argentina Agustina Zero-Sétien & Maxi Prado are happy to share their passion for Lindy Hop with you in a weekend workshop full of inspiration and Argentine vibes.
Enjoy and experience their energy and enthusiasm that will push your Lindy Hop forward!


Each class consists of 2 1/2 hours of instructions & dancing plus a 15 min break in the middle.

Saturday, 21. 4. 2018

Ab Klasse 4 – Lindy Hop Int/Adv & Adv – 10:30-13:15
(für Lindy HopperInnen, die in SLIH Klasse 4 oder höher sind)

Focus on our rocksteps and different paths they lead us to: How to create different energy and dynamics in our dancing? How to modify our structures based on our connection?

Ab Klasse 2 – Lindy Hop Beg/Int & Int  – 14:00-16:45
(besonder für Lindy HopperInnen aus den SLIH Klassen 2, 3 und 4)

Playing with structure and basics: We’ll work on simple patterns and pay special attention to clearly lead and follow with different levels you find on the dancefloor. This class is dedicated to work on connection and technique.

Sunday, 22. 4. 2018

Ab Klasse 2 – Beg/Int & Int – 10:30-13:15

Improvisation and musicality: Bringing authentic jazz into our lindy hop. How to open the dialogue in dancing? 

Ab Klasse 4 – Int/Adv & Adv – 14:00-16:45 

Body matching & speaking the same language: How to speak through our movement. How a technical approach will lead us to improve creativity and conversation in our dancing. Working on old time and contemporary moves

You can book a single class for 45,- or both classes of your level for 85,-
If you are Int/Adv you could also book additional classes of the lower level:

1 class (2.5 hours): 45 Euro
2 classes (5 hours): 85 Euro
3 classes (7.5 hours): 125 Euro
4 classes (10 hours): 160 Euro

Registration / Anmeldung

Location / Kursort
SLIH Ballroom, Sechshauser Straße 9, 15th district of Vienna.

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Maxi und Agus geben auch Privates während sie in Wien sind, sie sind über ihre Facebook Seite zu kontaktieren.