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International Rhythm Jam Online

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Samstag, 05.06.2021
00:00 - 23:59 Uhr

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Join us for the first fabulous International Rhythm Jam!
This online jazz dance extravaganza will feature classes, a panel, and a jam session with Bailey (USA), Cati (ITA), Gabs (BRA), Hannah (CAN), Katie (global), and Maíra (BRA), all with a focus on musicality and self-expression.
This event is OPEN LEVEL! The classes are structured in a way that allows each participant to work within their own level of dancing. Whether you’ve just started to learn a few basic jazz steps or you live and breath jazz dance we have something for you to explore and discover.
We want to make sure that this event is accessible to all who may want to take part! We have three pricing options so that you can chose what makes the most sense for you:
>DISCOUNT: £13 (I’m not in a good financial situation, but I still want to take part and support this event!)
>STANDARD: £26 (I can afford to pay the standard price and am happy to do so)
>ABUNDANT: £46 (I’m in a comfortable situation and can afford to pay a little extra to help support the participation of those facing financial difficulties)
See the FULL SCHEDULE here