Workshops mit Adam Brozowski

Der international Lindy Hop Champion Adam Brozowski ist von Lindy über Balboa und Blues bis hin Charleston zu in so ziemlich allen Swingtänzen top. Mitte Juni teilt er sein Können mit uns in vier Workshops.

Donnerstag 15.06.
18:00 – 20:10
Learn Norma Miller’s famous jazz routine “Trickeration.” Norma learned this routine from the dancers at the Apollo theatre in Harlem. Adam has worked extensively with Norma assisting her in teaching this routine around the world from Herrang to Australia. Come learn the authentic Trickeration jazz routine!

Solo Charleston Beg/Int
Freitag 16.06.
18:00 – 20:10
Voraussetzung: Zumindest ein (6-wöchiger) Solo Charelston Beginner Kurs
Get into the music of the 1920’s with the dance of the decade. We will focus on both fundamentals, improvisation and also work on a piece of a routine to get you into the Charleston rhythm. No partner required!

Lindy Hop Beg/Int
(SLIH Klassen 1, 2 und 3)
Samstag 17.06.
18:00 – 20:10
Styling and variations, connection and musicality. Adam will show his way of using the music to connect to your partner as well as give many variations and steps to try, including his own favorite steps and his favorite classic historical material. This class will move quickly to challenge everyone who takes it!

Int and Adv. Lindy Hop
(ab SLIH Klasse 4)
Sonntag 18.06.
18:00 – 20:10
LA Style: Do you think you know how to use counterbalance on the social dance floor? Think again. Come learn the smooth style of Lindy Hop from Adam who grew up dancing in Los Angeles since 1997. This class will cover the historical origins of smooth/LA style Lindy and also work dynamically on how to effectively use counterbalance technique on the social dance floor.


1 Einheit (2 Stunden) – 40 €
2 Einheiten (4 Stunden) – 75 €
3 Einheiten (6 Stunden) – 110 €
4 Einheiten (8 Stunden) – 140 €

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SLIH Ballroom, Sechshauser Straße 9, 15. Bezirk, Wien – Karte.

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