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Was ist Balboa?

Balboa ist ein Swingtanz der 1930er der sich besonders durch eine elegante und raffinierte Fußarbeit in geschlossener Tanzhaltung (Pure Balboa) auszeichnet. Neben dem Pure Balboa entwickelte sich auch der um Drehungen und Separationen erweiterte Bal Swing.

Besonders bewährt hat sich Balboa in vollen Tanzsälen, da er selbst bei schnelleren Tempi interessant und gleichzeitig platzsparend tanzbar ist. Balboa charakterisiert sich vielmehr als “Tanz für Tänzer” und weniger als “Tanz für Zuseher”.

Performance von Rudi & Tiphaine am Vienna Swing Exchange 2014

Trainerperformance beim Balboa Castle Camp 2015

Rules for our DJ competition

If you wanna participate at the DJ competition at our party “VIENNA SWING DJ BATTLE 2011 – vol.1” on Friday, 23. Sep. @ Andino please contact the organizers on vout(at) till the 22. September.  It is recommended to be fast, ’cause we have only places for 10 DJs: first come first serve!

The Prices:

The winner gets a coupon for EUR 100,- for music shopping + coupons for all three ViennaHotSwingJam2011 events

2nd place: a coupon for EUR 50,- for music shopping + coupons for two ViennaHotSwingJam2011 events

3rd place: a coupon for EUR 25,- for music shopping + coupon for one ViennaHotSwingJam2011 event

all competitors get free entry to the battle.

The Rules:

We do a single-elimination tournament

This means we have always a “fight” between two DJs the winner comes to the next level, the loser is out.

The disputants will be allotted at 8:30 pm on the event, so you have to be there at this time because we start right after it.

so how does it work?

We have two DJs on stage, one left with red stage light, one right with blue stagelight,
the first DJ starts with a song, the second DJ has to answer this song with an other song and plays a second song after that, which has to be answered by the first DJ and so on…
at the end both DJs have played four songs.
the dancing crowd decides who wins by standing on the right side or the left side of the dance floor.

during the fight the spotlight on the stage (red or blue) marks the playing dj.

the criteria are:
the song as an answer to the song the other DJ played before,
the song itself,
the visual performance of the DJ (fancy dress, expression,…)

other info:
Milo will do the moderation.

please remember that this is a swing event and so bring appropriate music preferably from 20ies to early 50ies.

we are not sure yet, what stuff we get and which quality it will have, so let us know if you can bring turntables or CD players or mixers.

If you still have questions about details contact: vout(at)


Sa, 10. September 2011,

Burggasse 70, 1070 Wien

Swing & Jazz von 21.00-01.00 mit Mr VOUT!